Killing Magpies

%22Rattledown Priory%22


My eight year old nephew looked at my to-do list (a blackboard in the kitchen) on which I’d put a large tick next to ‘KILLING MAGPIES’. I quickly allayed his fears at what I’d been doing to explain that it was the title of a recently completed novel. Needless to say, he was very relieved (as am I at having finished it!) Set on a farmstead dominated by a Queen Anne house built onto the remains of a medieval priory (the fictitious Rattledown Priory) which is run as bed & breakfast/farmshop/alpaca farm/glamping site & wedding venue, it tells the story of a failed actress who falls in love with the place before being drawn into a plot involving an ancient curse, murder and mystery.

Where, he asked, did I get my inspiration? I luckily hadn’t gone into detail about the curse and murders, so was able to wave a hand casually over the surrounding Great Ground Farm – with its alpacas, reindeer and shepherds hut and tell him that I was writing about what I know and experience daily.




‘So,’ he asked sagely, looking at the next entry on my to-do list, ‘I suppose that means I won’t come next time to find you walking on eggshells?’

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A British writer - author of WEIRD SEX, WHAT A PERFORMANCE, BEAST WAGON & CURTAINS - I have had previous incarnations as a circus ringmaster, magazine editor, voice-over artist & yacht skipper. I am currently in the process of moving back to rural England from Malta. View all posts by drewthomasworld

5 responses to “Killing Magpies

  • Martyn

    Hi Drew
    Please could you let me know when Killing Magpies will be out? It sounds great and I’d love to read it asap.
    Many thanks and best wishes


    • drewthomasworld

      Hi Martyn
      KILLING MAGPIES is literally just finished – it’s about to be submitted so fingers firmly crossed. Would you like to read the manuscript (not something I’d usually offer, but I know you like my novels & would appreciate your feedback).


      • Martyn

        Hi again Drew,
        Thank you for your reply. I would absolutely love and be honoured to read your manuscript (as you rightly say I do love your work!). You can contact me directly if you wish at I’m very excited lol!
        Thanks again


  • Marc Blake

    Marc Blake and Fred here in LA. Hope all is well with you and that the past year has been better than the previous one. Looks like you have become a country gentleman. Have ordered some of your books as I have not read much of yours since the early days. Wishing you success and happiness. Love the animals! With fond memories. Your old friends from Los Angeles.
    Marc & Fred


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