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The Book Shed on the move…

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The Book Shed is now finally in place at my new abode (soon to be joined by the living wagon still under construction), so I’ve got a new view to inspire me. What more could a writer living on the knife-edge of insecurity ask for?

Variety is the spice of life…

In the space of four days – the week before last – I was on the red carpet at the Olivier Awards, building a new living wagon that’s going to be my new guest bedroom, erecting a fence in my Dad’s chicken pen, embarking on a mammoth cleaning job in my newly acquired home (which hadn’t seen a hint of a damp cloth or a squirt of Jif in 15 years but has a remarkable view) and performing as a willing but inexperienced chimney sweep…

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…and of course slaving away with the final edit of THE GRASS IS ALWAYS GREENER tetralogy.


Have McDonalds copied my bookcover?

Should I be flattered or annoyed?

2013-04-24 17.20.28



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