About Drew Thomas

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Drew was educated at Princethorpe College, Warwickshire and Goldsmiths College, University of London before embarking on a research mission for the book that was to become BEAST WAGON – working in the publicity department of Sir Robert Fossett’s Circus.

Ten circuses and seven years later – having become the youngest ringmaster in Europe (working in the UK, Eire, Belgium, Italy, France & Monaco) and found himself in possession of a baby African elephant named ‘Toto’ saved from the cull in Zimbabwe during research – he realised that it was time to park his caravan, set aside the top hat and tails and knuckle down to the task of putting pen to paper.

Several years of writing the saga-length circus novel followed, financed by working as a magazine editor, voice-over artist, comedy compère and premium rate telephone service provider, during which time he also wrote WEIRD SEX – a darkly humorous romp through the world of mid-morning television laced with serial murder. Following publication (Hart & Sole ISBN 1900495015), it was described in the press as having ‘the addictive unpleasantness of Bret Easton Ellis framed within the domestic humour of Armistead Maupin’.

The television rights were snapped up within weeks, which in turn led to the film rights for BEAST WAGON being optioned by Working Title Films prior to the novel’s completion. Drew went on to co-write the screenplay with Keith Preston.WHAT A PERFORMANCE is a sequel to WEIRD SEX set in the world of West End theatre.Having spent several years sailing around Italy, Greece & Turkey on his yacht ‘Spirit of Blythe’, Drew now divides his time between the island of Malta, where he bought a crumbling farmhouse after being almost shipwrecked there in a storm, and London.  The farmhouse has been transformed into a small exclusive guest house.

Drew is currently in the process of moving back to the UK to live on a farm.

WEIRD SEX & WHAT A PERFORMANCE are both available as Amazon Kindle editions.

CURTAINS – a dark psychological novel set in the world of stand up comedy and television – published by Cherwell Books on May 1st 2012.

A series of four novels entitled THE GRASS IS ALWAYS GREENER will be published in 2013/2014.


Also in the pipeline are the AMELIA WILDE series of novels – featuring a wild animal trainer who turns sleuth to prove her innocence after spending ten years in prison for a crime she didn’t commit and a pilot for an original television series set in South London called CHASING YOUR TAIL.

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