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Cynthia Fairfax

A star is born.
Well, she was actually born in 1937, but her new world tour featuring her hit single ‘STAND BY YOUR FLANGE’ is set to catapult her to mega stardom…

Rattledown Priory

It’s finished at last! 👍

The new Margaret Atwood

A rare night in an hotel & an untouched copy of The Blind Assassin…


Just say ‘No’ !

Puppy love

Maisy & Pinnacle are still devoted to each other…

Quote for today

May all your days be Circus Days…

During filming last week, my circus past once again raised its scarlet-coated sequinned head & the old photos got an airing. As always, I’m inclined to share…

Alpacas win prizes!

A hectic few days filming with the BBC both at Great Ground Farm & the Royal Three Counties Show culminated in winning 5 rosettes for the five boys – Raven being awarded Reserve Champion Black Male!!!

Spring has sprung!

At last the sun is out at Great Ground Farm 😀