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Lord George Wilde’s Circus is taking shape…

My fictional ‘Lord George Wilde’s Circus’ (© Drew Thomas 2011) is taking shape at a pace that makes it seem that it was there anyway and that I just had to find it.

The dynasty:

‘Lord’ George Wilde (deceased) b.1893 = Wilhelmina b.1894

‘Lord’ George Wilde b. 1924 = Mary (nee Tapley) b.1948

‘Lord’ George Wilde Jnr. b. 1972 = Amelia (Mel) Wilde b.1973

‘Lord’ Georgie b.1995 & ‘Lady’ Sarah b. 1997

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‘The Shocking Sins of the Mother-in-Law’ (Amelia Wilde 1) is very nearly mapped out. If all goes to plan, I’ll start writing next week & have the first draft finished by the end of November.

Thought for the Day

‘Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.’

Mark Twain

Totally energised after Turkey tonic – now ready to go Wilde…

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I’ve just got back to Malta after two weeks in Turkey (& briefly Greece) on a gulet with ten friends and – thanks to Captain Mehmet and his crew Ergan and Hussein – a good time was had by all, despite the grisly murder of Texan tycoon Randy Alexander taking place at a dinner hosted by Molly & David Camper attended by the bekilted Bernard Haggis, the handsome Cecil Bellows, Sandi Toksvig lookalike Mermayda Swimmer, the lopsidedly mohicanned Claus Santos, the ultra-smooth novelist Robert Writer, the lovely but lethal Anna Paris and the somewhat bewildered science fiction writer Simon Fiction and his far, far, far younger Irish wife Valerie (whom it is rumoured had just left Dale Farm to escape eviction).

Now I’m ready to get going on the Amelia Wilde series, provisional titles being:
1) The Shocking Sins of the Mother-in-Law
2) Dicing with Death at God’s Acres
3) Prohibited Pre-meditation in Paris
4) Malicious Murder in Monte Carlo
5) Celebrity Slaughter in the Cotswolds

Onwards & upwards, here goes…

The Velvet Rage

Not usually one for ‘self-help’ titles, I chanced upon this one by accident. To be honest, I was quite rudely reading it over my friend’s shoulder and he kindly offered to lend it to me when he’s finished it. All I can say is that is confirmed a lot and – more importantly – offered solutions to problems and traits I had grown so accustomed to I thought they’d be with me for life. Thanks Damien and thanks Alan Down (the author). I’m not going to drone on about it (evangelists not being my favourite sort), but feel truly empowered and revitalised…