Lord George Wilde’s Circus is taking shape…

My fictional ‘Lord George Wilde’s Circus’ (© Drew Thomas 2011) is taking shape at a pace that makes it seem that it was there anyway and that I just had to find it.

The dynasty:

‘Lord’ George Wilde (deceased) b.1893 = Wilhelmina b.1894

‘Lord’ George Wilde b. 1924 = Mary (nee Tapley) b.1948

‘Lord’ George Wilde Jnr. b. 1972 = Amelia (Mel) Wilde b.1973

‘Lord’ Georgie b.1995 & ‘Lady’ Sarah b. 1997

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‘The Shocking Sins of the Mother-in-Law’ (Amelia Wilde 1) is very nearly mapped out. If all goes to plan, I’ll start writing next week & have the first draft finished by the end of November.

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